Application Process

Interested families are asked to complete the activities in preparing to enroll at Kidz Incorporated.

  1. Visit the center and interview with the Owner/Director. If space is not available for you child a the time, your name will be placed on the age appropriate waiting list.
  2. Obtain a Registration Form.
  3. Return the completed enrollment packet and deposit. Schedule the start date.  Discuss any concerns you might have and become acquainted with your child’s teacher and classroom.
  4. Visit the classroom with your child prior to starting.


Infant Registration and Waiting List

For expecting parents, there is a first-come/first-serve waiting list with priority given to active enrollees of Kidz Incorporated.  Once you have an established due date for the birth of your child, you may register your name on the waiting list.  If a family is not ready to start when an opening occurs in our infant room, and wishes to have their spot guaranteed, tuition may be charged at ½ the monthly tuition rate to hold the space.

Records Required – Immunizations

Idaho code 39-1118 requires that all children be immunized before they may attend a childcare facility.  It is the policy of Kidz Incorporated that no child will be accepted into this center without proof of full immunizations.  Immunization records will need to be updated on an annual basis, and will be inspected by a representative of Central District Health Department.  If your child is out of compliance, they will need to be compliant within five (5) days of notification.


Trial Period

Each child has his or her own temperament and rate of development.  Kidz Incorporated may not be the optimum facility for all children.  Therefore, we consider the first four (4) weeks of enrollment a trial period.  If at the end of the trial period, the child does not appear to be adjusting well, we will schedule a conference to discuss the matter and take the appropriate action to alleviate the problem.